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I help companies design their digital products so that they can grow their business.

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Concept ideation

UI and UX polishing

Design system setup

Product review and feedback

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Early stage startups

Growing companies


I'm here to help

Help comes in all shapes and sizes and my services are not different. I'm really flexible and always make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Product design

From a vision into a refined idea. I can cover every part of the journey. I've helped others shape strategies, plan roadmaps, and finally design the actual products.

Design Systems

Design systems are tough. They can help you scale, and deliver faster, or they can slow you down. I will make sure that they work for you.


Sometimes you are just stuck and you need a pair of fresh eyes to take look. I'll provide a hollistic feedback and help you solve whatever stands in your way.


Pushing the boundaries

I'm Denis 👊 I'm a product designer, developer, and writer, currently living in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic.

Right now I'm leading design efforts over at Avocode where we are making design more accessible to everyone. Before Avocode, I was a Head of Mobile experience at Kiwi.com where I made sure that the team's mobile designs could scale together with our customer base.

Before Kiwi.com I was partner in crime for various design agencies from all around the world, designing everything from mobile apps, landing pages, app icons, logos, to paper reciepts.

I love speaking publicly and share the everything I learn. I've had the change to speak at various events, of various sizes, about different topics and I cannot wait to do that again.

And finally, I'm kind of obsessed with streamlining the design to development process as much as possible, and I do that by designing various templates, creating plugins, improving processes and everything in between.

You could find me @Twitter, where I tweet about design and current hot topics, or on GitHub where I'm creating in the open. And last but not least Figma, where you can find all of my open source templates.


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