My name is Denis Rojčyk. I’m a designer. Living in the heart of Europe — Czech Republic, where I spend the majority of my time building products, and designing exquisite user interfaces.

My full story

My journey started at the end of high school, at the age of 18. I desperately needed money to sustain my student lifestyle and to afford to go to college; Since I had an experience building websites and designing posters, starting a one man agency seemed like the perfect idea.

Fast forward 3 years; After dropping out of university twice, lots of small projects here and there, and couple of big clients later. I was confident enough to call myself a designer. I’was in the position which suited me the best. I had enough clients to make a sustainable living.

Then I joined Tapmates; design and development studio focused on kick ass projects like Summly and Piictu. Where I had a chance to work with awesome clients from all around the globe. I was the only designer there, I covered everything that needed to be done. Apps, websites, admin interfaces, emails … you name it. I’ve learned so much.

And now I would like to do the same for you, but first let me tell you how I work.

My Process

  • 1. We get to know each other

    In order for me to design the perfect solution for you, we need to get to know each other. I need you to tell me how your business works, why do you need my services, and together we will figure out how to make the investment into design the best investment you ever did.

  • 2. Defining target user & users goals

    It all starts with defining the ideal user. Who will seek your product or services the most. Who are we actually designing for. It doesn’t have to be a perfect image, but every little detail will give us a valuable information on how to tailor the solution right for you.

  • 3. Splitting the goal into logical steps

    Whether it is buying a product, ordering your services or taking a selfie with your app, every user has a path he or she needs to follow in order to achieve its goal. We’ll split the whole path into logical steps, and make it as simple as possible.

  • 4. Designing general navigation & information architecture

    Every screen is different, and should have just enough information to fulfil its purpose and no more. Mapping all the information into different screens and making the navigation between them easy to follow is a key to every app interface.

  • 5. Prototyping

    Once we have our goal defined and mapped into separate steps, we’ll design wireframes and turn them into clickable prototypes done in Marvel or InVision. Then we’ll iterate until we find the most straightforward solution.

  • 6. Designing the app

    Now that we have the functional side covered, we can finally focus on making the whole thing beautiful, easy to read and navigate while keeping the design consistent with your brand.

  • 7. Deliveries

    I want to make the whole process seamless for you. This includes making the transition from design to development stage a breeze. By the time we are done, your developers will have all the assets ready for implementation.


  • 2016 - UHK - Color Management from the perspective of a designer
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