• Client
  • Slavo Pastor
  • Team
  • Petr Reichl (CTO)
  • Mirek Simacek (PM)
  • Agency
  • Tapmates Inc
  • Scope
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Responsive Website
  • Services & Emails
  • Ticketing System

Tracktivity - Tho world of motor racing at your fingertips.

Tracktivity lets you connect with motor racing venues from all around the world. It provides a very simple way for venues to sell event tickets and engage with their fans.

Visual Case Study
Available on Bēhance


Tracktivity was my biggest project in 2015 and kept me busy halfway through 2016. I was the only designer on the team but I consulted most of my work with my developer colleagues, mainly Peter Reichl, and project manager Slavo Pastor. I worked with the same client later and designed HEA Connect. Tracktivity was my biggest project at that time. It included universal iOS app, as well as Android app, e-commerce & complete ticketing system.

Motor racing is one of the biggest sports in the US. One of the multibillion-dollar markets. The idea was to create a social platform which would connect motor racing venues, racers and their fans in one social network.

Our client came prepared. He already had a branding done, custom iconography, and his library already at that time included more than 5 000 racing venues.

Scope, challenges and history

  • Early 2015 The first version was more oriented on the social aspect of things. We had to design iPhone and iPad app, Android counter part as well as admin interface and service emails.
  • Mid 2015 There was a disconnect with our target user base. Facebook was already on the rise, so our users had little reason to go on another social platform. In response to this we made Tracktivity the biggest racing event catalogue there is. Which resulted in increased user base pretty fast.
  • Late 2015 By this time we’ve completely ditched the social aspect and made it event oriented only. With an option to buy tickets for racing events hosted on the platform.
  • 2016 Was a big year for tracktivity. We’ve redesigned the app completely, introduced new ticketing platform. Designed ticket scanning solution for racing venues. And introduced web e-commerce platform for venues to sell and promote their events.

iOS App

The first version of the app had a dark tone. It made it difficult to operate it under direct sun (place where our users were using the app the most, right outside the venue).

It also was universal but more than 95% of our user base was using iPhone or Android phones. So we’ve ditched the universal support and focused on providing the best mobile experience.

Once we’ve ditched the social aspect, the app became the place to go if you wanted to buy motor racing tickets. It still included venue catalogue but it wasn’t the main focus anymore.

Screenshots included and discussed below are about the latest version of the app. It would take far too much time to discuss every little detail, but if you still wish to take a look, go and checkout the Bēhance visual case study.


In order to use the app to its full potential we need our users to enable location tracking, and also to make them follow couple of venues. We've made a non invasive permission prompting and simple onboarding that worked pretty well.


Tracktivity has couple of thousand venues in its catalogue, and about 2000 races and events happening in 2017 (ticket selling is limited in some countries). We had to make the catalogue easy for our user to browse.


As mentioned before Tracktivity is growing big thanks to tickets. We've streamlined and optimized the checkout flow to its bare bones.

Web App

The web app is almost the same as the iOS counter part. Missing only the features such as geolocation and wallet passes, but optimised for the easiest ticket purchase experience. The website had to be responsive as well.

Cashier and Scanner

Once everything was ready on the client side, we had to create a solution for our venues. There were two things we had to take care of. The first one being a cashier and the second one a scanner. The cashier was a simple Android tablet connected to Stripe terminal, while the scanner was a simple android phone. I had to design apps for both of them. What was interesting about designing these two apps was that it wasn’t about beautiful design, but rather 100% functional one. So the stuff has the right information, at the right time, super fast, while keeping everything super simple to operate.

Receipts, services emails and wallet passes

There is nothing uncommon about designing these, but they were part of my job and they were interesting to work on so I wanted to include them.

Landing page for businesses


I absolutely loved working on Tracktivity. The ability to shape the product as time goes, based on user feedback and analytics was a blast and I’ve learned a lot. My biggest takeaway was that I learned how to connect business expectations and user needs, into a beautiful and working solution.

⭐️ Slavo Pastor

Tracktivity CEO

Working on the Tracktivity app with Denis has been a great experience! We went into the project with some ideas and concepts with respect to UIX but Denis grabbed the opportunity and gave the project a very unique look and feel, taking the original concept to new levels.

Denis is very creative, with great eye for functionality and so his ideas never sacrifice form over function. Looking forward to working with Denis on the next iterations of the Tracktivity app, it's been a very exciting journey so far!