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Roman Mastalir

CEO at Eventee

I have cooperate with Dennis on many projects. All the time, it was pleasure to work with him. His knowledge of mobile UX/UI is remarkable. Unique and proactive approach was appreciated in all cases. Denis is very skilled designer and I highly recommend you to cooperate with him.

Daniel Krezelok

CEO at iDevBand

Working with Denis has been an absolute blast! I'm more than satisfied with the final delivery and not only that. The whole process of onboarding our team, articulating his design decisions, and keeping us up to date with the progress has been exceptional. I would highly recommend Denis to anyone looking for design services.

Oliver Dlouhy

CEO at

So proud to have aces like you in the team!

Slavo Pastor

CEO at Tracktivity,

Working on the Tracktivity app with Denis has been a great experience! We went into the project with some ideas and concepts with respect to UIX but Denis grabbed the opportunity and gave the project a very unique look and feel, taking the original concept to new levels. Denis is very creative, with great eye for functionality and so his ideas never sacrifice form over function. Looking forward to working with Denis on the next iterations of the Tracktivity app, it's been a very exciting journey so far!

Mirek Simacek

VP at Tapmates

Denis is a very talented designer with, for his age, impressive amount of experience. He’s able to quickly grasp the essence of even the largest projects and therefore can focus on what is really important. As he is also a fan of simplification, aiming for a clear and direct approach, it makes him a very effective member of the team. His biggest benefit however is that he is not only able to come up with suggestions (design), but that he is able to explain why, provide reasons, often based on comprehensive analysis and knowledge of user behaviour. That makes him able to defend his opinions even in large discussions.

Sona Jonasova

Founder of Institute of Circular Economy

We have been working with Denis since the founding of our organization. His professional approach and experiences helped us to create a corporate identity that is at the moment the basis of our external communication. Denis always brings new, smart and simple ideas that all our new projects gently and appropriately integrate into our visual presentation. I really enjoy discussing and working with Denis and looking forward to our long term cooperation.

Salvatore Salpietro

PM at MyRooms

Denis is the kind of designer that you hope to find. And with so many projects, I go through a lot of them. Hopefully I can keep Denis around for a long time. He delivers on-time, and he finds good solutions for problems that may be seen as "blockers". Out of the box thinking + on-time delivery = a rare find and truly valuable. I look forward to more projects with him.

Irakli Jokhtaberidze


Denis is a superb, meticulous designer. He is a burning entrepreneur at heart and always suggests innovative solutions. I had a great pleasure working with Denis on an experimental app for iOS - HUGE TV. Denis is very easy to communicate with and his relationship and teamwork makes him an invaluable human capital not only for Tapmates, but for every startup. I am looking forward to working with Denis on future startups and making the world a better place, one design at a time.

Elliott Gibb

Founder at Socialive

Denis is a rare breed of designer, extremely adept across a wide range of disciplines, and unconstrained by classic graphic design thinkings. Ultimately this results in a creative and non-conformist approach to design which has been a joy to behold. Denis worked extensively on our project and always approached it with the upmost of enthusiasm, passion and integrity. Deadlines were met (or even better, beaten) consistently and the results were above and beyond our expectations. From mock ups through to implementation, you need Denis on your team.

Vojtech Belovsky

VP at iDevBand

I was very satisfied with Denis's work. What I really appreciate is that Denis started our cooperation by discussion about what we really need and he set up the right direction for our product. During the creative process he brought up a lot of ideas from which he created the final product. Real professional, thanks.

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